FNF’: Extra Key Support MOD

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Playing the Extra Key Support MOD Version of the Friday Night Funkin Game

Note: Extra Key Support works on Hard difficulty Only

Immerse yourself once again in the captivating environment of Friday Night Funkin’, this time with the unique mod named “Euphony Keys of Friday Night Funkin‘”. Offering novel gameplay mechanics while keeping the beloved characters and tunes intact, this mod takes you on a thrilling journey. A challenging hard mode awaits your skills, however, don’t fret, as we have incorporated enough guidance throughout your musical quest. Engage in a six-week long narrative through story mode, or if you prefer a direct action, free play mode is at your disposal to bypass the storylines. The endgame remains consistent – attain perfect harmony with the song notes and come out on top. Here’s wishing you great luck and a memorable gaming experience.

Controls: 7 key: Sextuple control + N4 (space) 5 key: Quad control + N4 (space) 9 key: The complete set, N0 – 8 8 key: N0 – 8, excluding N4 6 key: Ranging from L1 to R2

For modifying the key count, launch the chart editor by hitting 7, move to the song segment, and mark the box associated with your desired number of keys.

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