FNF – God Eater Big Mashup

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About this Version of the FNF Game

This project presents a unique mash-up mod for the game Friday Night Funkin, featuring the Shaggy God-eater song. The mod allows numerous characters from the expansive FNF universe to partake in a turn-based singing event, adding depth and an innovative twist to the gameplay.

The mod offers three difficulty modes to cater to different skill levels. Easy mode requires managing 4 keys, while Normal mode increases the challenge with 9 keys. For players seeking the utmost challenge, the Hard mode necessitates proficiency with 10 keys. The creators of this mod have done an outstanding job, and if you’ve enjoyed playing it, you can stay updated on the mod’s developments. Show your support to the creators by following them on their social media platforms, subscribing, liking their content, and so on.

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