FNF’ Hazy River vs Garcello and Annie

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About FNF Hazy River vs Garcello and Annie

Here is the cool Hazy River vs Garcello and Annie FNF game. This cool game is fun rap battle. Enjoy the game.

You can play the following in the story mode

  • Garcello, Annie, Garcello- (Another mode), Funsies

The Freeplay mode has the following to play

  • Headache, Nerves, Release, Fading, Good Enough, Lover, Tug of War, Take a Swig of This, Animal, Headache- Nerves-, Release-, Dilemma, Drowning, Tone it down

The Story:

What’s up, little man? Did the smoke catch your attention?
Beep Bo.
Yes, you should try.
Beep Beep.
Are you sure, you wanna try? Come on.
Beep bo.
Hm… Tell you what, if you beat me in a friendly little rap battle, I will get off your case.
Sounds cool, little man?
Beep bo bop.
Heh, that got you hyped up. It’s settle then. As long as you don’t mind me smoking. Helps calm the nerves, y’know?

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