FNF: Late Night City Tales (vs Limu)

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About Friday Night Funkin’ vs Limu

Chapter 1 of Late Night City Tales FNF Game has many FNF Mods to keep you busy. Meet Limulady in the Story mode or go ahead and check out Freeplay mode.

Freeplay mode has Azure Encounter, Secret Marilee, Broken Heart, Aquaphobia, and Lonely Sapphire.

The Story:

Once upon a time, an intrepid explorer journeyed through a strange forest on a dark and stormy night. Seeking refuge from the elements, the explorer spotted a dilapidated castle in the distance and ventured inside without hesitation. To their surprise, they were greeted by a peculiar little girl with an unusual appearance, tattered clothing, and a warm welcome. Despite the damage and wear and tear, the castle retained the grandeur of its past, especially the thousands of statues that appeared almost lifelike. Unable to contain their curiosity any longer, the explorer asked about the origin of the statues. The little girl stopped in her tracks and replied, “Are you sure you want to know?” She then proceeded to turn the explorer into a statue, just like the rest. But not before extracting a promise to keep their fate a secret.

Talks Between

“Oh no, not again!” groaned the person, clutching their head. “Are you there, bae?” They waited for a response, but only heard a beep. The darkness was disorienting. “Can you pass me the candle?” they asked, reaching for it blindly. “What the…?” They paused, noticing something strange. “Bae, where are we?” Another beep was their only reply. “What’s going on?” They sighed. “Looks like we’re in trouble once again,” they muttered to themselves. Suddenly, a loud beep interrupted their thoughts. “Great, it’s pouring outside,” they grumbled. “I guess we have some time to kill… Do you have what I think you have?” They grinned mischievously. “Let’s have some fun.” Just then, Limulady showed up out of nowhere…

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