FNF vs Imposter (V3 + V4 Combined)

It’s over 1GB file, and may take quite a long to load. Have patience.

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Note: Don’t you just keep using down arrow in Freeplay Mode, there are too many tracks, use Left and Right Arrows as well to explore all the tracks in Freeplay Mode.

About the Imposter vs Friday Night Funking New Version

Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) Vs. Impostor was a unique mod where players found themselves pitted against the notorious character from the game Among Us. The Impostor, a ruthless antagonist whose objective was to annihilate the crew and sabotage the ship, presented a formidable challenge. Players were tasked with surviving through their melodic prowess, aiming to out-sing the relentless adversary on three riveting tracks: Sussus Moogus, Sabotage, and Meltdown. The mod traditionally offered three levels of difficulty, pushing players to strive for triumph on the hardest level.

The story evolved with FNF Vs Impostor V3: The Green Impostor, a significant upgrade that augmented the initial mod with three fresh weeks and a bonus track. Upon unmasking the first impostor, players might have expected a breather. Instead, they found themselves confronting a peculiar green character. This antagonist, armed with a barrage of lavish insults and a unique way with words, asserted his innocence vehemently. Players, in the role of Boyfriend, had to challenge the Green Impostor in an exhilarating duel spread over seven new songs. These rhythmic tunes demanded full concentration and skill to conquer, promising an epic rap battle filled with unexpected turns and a bonus song that tested every ounce of the players’ abilities.

The tale took a final turn with FNF Vs Impostor V4, the culmination of a year’s labor by the IMPOSTORM team. In this final iteration, players had to assist Boyfriend and Girlfriend in uncovering the impostor through a whopping 12 weeks, featuring a diverse lineup of 52 songs. Each week kicked off with an introductory video, punctuated by dialogues that enriched the narrative. The mod featured a fully customized menu, and completion of each week led to visiting iconic locales and encountering renowned characters from the Among Us universe. Successful rap battles resulted in earning “beans,” which could be used to unlock cosmetic items. The final version, FNF Vs Impostor V4, stands as one of the most extensive and well-crafted mods in the Friday Night Funkin’ roster, promising hours of engaging gameplay for those aiming to complete it entirely.

The expansive song list for this final version includes: Sussus Moogus, Sabotage, Meltdown, Sussus Toggus, Lights Down, Reactor, Ejected, Mando, Dlow, Oversight, Danger, Double Kill, Defeat, Ashes, Mamagic, Boiling Point, Delusion, Blackout, Neurotic, Heartbeat, Pinkware, Pretender, Identity Crisis, Finale, Sussy Bussy, Rivals, Crewmate, Christmas, Spookposter, O2, Voting Time, Turbulence, Victory, Sauces Moogus, Roomcode, Tomongus, Alpha Moogus, Actin Sus, Ow, Who, Insane Streamer, Sussus Nuzzus, IDK, Esculent, Drippypop, Crewicide, Monotone Attack, Top 10, Chippin, Chipping, Torture, Titular, Greatest Plan, Reinforment, and Armed.

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