Frida Night Funkin vs Lemon Demon (Monster)

Note: Don’t select Tutorial mode. It’s bugged. It won’t play and you will have to reload the page. You can play all other tracks.

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About the FNF vs Monster Game

Are you prepared for another round of musical face-offs?

Introducing a new modification of the popular rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin’, where you can square off against an eerie adversary, exhibiting your prowess in rap duels. This game can be enjoyed solo or with a friend for a thrilling experience.

The modification goes by the name “FNF vs Monster Lemon Demon FULL WEEK.”

In this mod, you control the character, Boyfriend, who engages in a rhythmic clash against a creature known as Lemon Demon. The full week event includes 2 bonus songs. The list of songs are:

Winter Horrorland
Here’s a quick rundown of the mod rules:

Kickstart the game by pressing Enter or Space, which takes you to the main menu. Here, you can opt for story mode or freeplay mode.

In story mode, you get to select your desired difficulty level and song choices. Whereas, in freeplay mode, you can choose any song without any restriction.

To engage in the game, utilize the W, A, S, and D keys or the arrow keys to hit the arrows that pop up on the screen. Remember, you need to press the arrows in rhythm with the music. Missing too many arrows would result in a game loss.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this new mod!

Should you find the game amusing, kindly leave a like as feedback. We’re eager to know your thoughts.

Best of luck with your face-off against Lemon Demon!

Show your adversary your full potential and conquer this exciting challenge!

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