Friday Night Funkin’: Mistful Crimson Morning

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About Mistful Crimson Morning Version of FNF Game

FNF Vs. Mistful Crimson Morning is a unique mod where the vibrant world of Friday Night Funkin’ collides with the iconic universe of SpongeBob SquarePants. However, this isn’t your typical undersea adventure as Boyfriend finds himself facing corrupted heroes from the beloved Cartoon Network show. Inspired by the popular Creepypasta, Squidward’s S*, the mod delivers a riveting experience through 13 melodious songs against rhythmically adept adversaries.

In the story mode, Boyfriend steps up for three intense rap battles against the melancholic Squidward Tentacles. These confrontations are staged to the tunes of “Humiliation”, “Mist” (featuring thrilling gunshot sound effects), and “Doomsday”. Beyond the story mode, the Freeplay menu offers 10 bonus songs, pitting Boyfriend against other characters from the SpongeBob series, Robot Chicken, and even characters from the MeatCanyon YouTube channel. Despite its development having been cancelled at one point, this comprehensive mod, armed with its engaging music, now stands ready to entertain players.

The Mistful Crimson Morning V2 Cancelled Build marks the final iteration of this mod. After enduring numerous cancellations and enduring months of development, this version presents all the songs, alongside quality remasterings for specific tracks. This update introduces four new rap battles set to the songs “Bold or Bash”, “Propaganda”, “Evader”, and “Failure”. Additionally, the sprites for the song “Sanguilacrimae” have been changed, “Served” is now longer, and the song “Satisfaction” has been completely remastered.

The mod’s comprehensive song list includes “Humiliation”, “Mist”, “Doomsday”, “Sanguilacrimae”, “Tortured”, “Served”, “Satisfaction”, “Dead Hope”, “Dumped”, “Cannibalism”, “Dehydrated”, “Joe Mama”, “Plagerize”, “Bold or Bash”, “Propaganda”, “Evader”, and “Failure”. Prepare yourself to dive into this captivating blend of two widely adored franchises for an unmatched rhythmic challenge!

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