Friday Night Funkin’ vs Mario Madness

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About FNF: Mario Madness Game

It is still in development, so the Freeplay option has nothing to play. You can enjoy the story mode, though.

Mario’s Madness is a mod created by a team of developers, including Marco Antonio, DewottDev, KINGF0X, KennyL, and Ney. The mod revolves around Mario.EXE, a more sinister version of Mario that originated from a well-known DeviantArt piece of artwork. Other horror-based Mario characters also make appearances throughout the game.

The story begins with the player character and their girlfriend receiving a package containing an NES cartridge. Upon playing the game, they unwittingly unleash a demon that drags them into the TV. The player awakens in an empty space and is greeted by Mario.EXE, realizing they are not alone in this strange place. The game’s objective is to navigate through various levels while avoiding Mario.EXE and other terrifying Mario characters to find a way out of this nightmare.

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