FNF’ Cyber Sensation (vs Taeyai)

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About this Cyber Sensation vs of Friday Night Funkin’ Game

Delve into the world of digital tunes with FNF Vs. Cyber Sensation for Friday Night Funkin’. This mod invites you to explore the mysteries of the computer code developed by the renowned programmer, Tae Yai. As Tae Yai tests the code for her game, she stumbles upon a fascinating revelation – it enables characters to interface with her virtual universe. Consequently, Boyfriend materializes before her through a portal generated by the code.

At first, Tae Yai resists Boyfriend’s persistent coaxing for a musical showdown. However, after some prodding and a tossed microphone, she finally agrees to a little rhythmic diversion. The adventure unfolds through three captivating rap battles where Boyfriend matches beats with Tae Yai. Accompany the duo as they groove to the beats of “Open System”, “Wear A Mask”, and “Last Hope”.

This unique gaming mod integrates fully voiced cutscenes, offering a rich narrative experience alongside the melodic gameplay. Tae Yai, a Thai programmer renowned for her cover songs and remixes of Friday Night Funkin’, has now become famous for her creation of the “Cyber Sensation” mod.

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