FNF vs Imposter – Human Hijinks

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Playing this Human Hijinks version of the FNF Game

“FNF Human Hijinks” offers a fresh perspective, reimagining the “Vs. Impostor V4” mod, now with a four-song demo. The iconic characters from Among Us have at last shed their signature suits, unveiling their human identities, all set to the beat of music. As it stands, Boyfriend is roped into four rap duels, with each song being a remix or recalibrated version of the original tracks. This mod introduces the likes of “Heartbeat,” “Pinkwave,” “Pretender,” and “Drippypop” in their remixed glory. Notably, the mod’s development predates other Human Impostor adaptations, and the creators harbor intentions to revamp all tracks from “FNF Vs. Impostor.”

Songs List:

  1. Heartbeat
  2. Pinkwave
  3. Drippypop
  4. Pretender.
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