Friday Night Funkin’ vs Starecrown

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About the FNF vs Starecorwn Game

The mod “FNF Vs. Starecrown” delves deep into a legend that narrates the existence of mysterious entities: half-angel, half-demon. These beings, residing in a timeless realm, are keen observers of humanity. Unexpectedly, Boyfriend is transported to this enigmatic world and encounters Starecrown, an ardent admirer of his. Starecrown eagerly requests Boyfriend to showcase his vocal prowess, leading to a series of three exhilarating rap battles. But the twist lies in Starecrown’s true nature; he is a fanatic with a psychopathic edge and will leverage his demonic abilities to unsettle Boyfriend. In the second week, a peculiar frog becomes Boyfriend’s opponent in a song, with the Girlfriend held captive. To save her, victory is imperative. This definitive, remastered edition brings a bonus: a fifth song where Starecrown faces off against Fred, the frog.

Songs List:

  1. Operation Frogsong
  2. Lore
  3. Unblinking
  4. Overzealous
  5. Outwards In
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