FNF’ vs Funk Guys (Fall Out: Ultimate Knockout)

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About Friday Night Funkin’ vs Ultimate Knockout Game

“Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout” is an innovative mod for the rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin’. Drawing inspiration from the widely acclaimed game, “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout,” this mod introduces a Halloween-themed demo featuring a unique twist. In this unexpected crossover, Boyfriend is suddenly transported into the vibrant universe of Fall Guys. However, there’s a dark surprise in store for him: the once-jovial characters from the game have undergone a sinister transformation, now appearing as eerie skeletons.

Undeterred and ever-passionate about music, Boyfriend decides to confront these skeletal adversaries through rap battles – his signature approach to any challenge. He locks horns with Pink, a transformed Fall Guy, in an intense musical duel set to the track “Fallen.” As the game progresses, players must navigate Boyfriend through “Final Round,” where they must rhythmically sidestep Pink’s haunting transformation, all while maintaining the beat and ensuring a musical victory.

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