Friday Night Funkin’ vs Oswald

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About the FNF vs Oswald Mod

So what do you think about this Oswald version? Who will win? Rabbit of you? Let’s find out in a rap battle against a rabbit.

The Story mode has just Oswald mode to play. And Freeplay mode has Last Straw and Rabbit’s luck.

The Story

Well, that last one was a bust… Who’s up next?
Hmmm… the name’s written in this really extravagant cursive…
I can’t really read it. Should I just call them in?
I guess so…
Next Contestant, please come out!
Hey Hey….
Hello! Can you state your name and what you’re auditioning for?
Also, be sure to face the camera when you say so.
Camera? You say!………. and it continues
And read the rest while you play.

Also try FNF Bob and Bosip.

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