Friday Night Funkin’ vs QT Mode

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About the FNF vs QT Mode Game

Experience a unique fan encounter in FNF QT Mod for Friday Night Funkin’, where Boyfriend faces a zealous admirer of his singing prowess. QT, however, may not be as innocent as she appears, using musical challenges as a pretext to gain Boyfriend’s attention. In the initial two songs, “Carefree” and “Careless,” QT showcases her rapid yet humanly possible singing abilities. However, as the competition progresses to the subsequent tracks “Sensory Overload” and “Termination,” QT reveals her true nature, undergoing a radical transformation to intensify her performance. Players must test their skills to duel QT in hard mode and unlock the secret song.

The FNF Vs. QT 2.0 Update enhances the gaming experience with added dialogues and a revamped “Termination” song that introduces a new game mechanic. Additionally, players can access the Freeplay menu to unlock an exclusive, unreleased song: “Interlope.” Get ready to face the fervent fan QT and prove your mettle in this thrilling mod for Friday Night Funkin’.

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