Friday Night Funkin’ Starcatcher Mod

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Let’s Play the Starcatcher version of the FNF Game

Enter the galactic universe of Friday Night Funkin’ Starcatcher, a unique mod meticulously crafted by AlmostComical, heartlocket, Criminalicy, and Stardust Tunes. This cosmic version of the game sets players on a mission to collect stars across a variety of planets with one ultimate goal – to win over Alien Daddy Dearest and secure a chance to date Alien Girlfriend. Navigating this interstellar landscape, players will engage in rhythm battles against diverse adversaries while exploring the intricate alien worlds.

Unique to this mod is the exciting addition of rap battles set in the vast expanse of space. Just like the original game, Boyfriend is tasked with winning the heart of Alien Girlfriend, but the challenge now involves defeating Alien Daddy Dearest and other antagonists in a musical showdown. The battles are set to the rhythm of new songs, with the second week featuring the catchy “Sugar Rush”.

Maintaining the original gameplay mechanics, players need to stay vigilant, monitoring the arrows’ movement and timing their clicks perfectly. Quick-beat songs indicate that the pace of clicking should match the music’s tempo. The end game remains the same – to turn the progress bar green and shift the slider leftwards. Only then can players claim their well-earned victory.

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