Friday Night Funkin’ vs Selever

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About this Selever Version of the FNF game

The epic reiteration of the historic duel between Boyfriend and Selever beckons players to a rhythm-filled world in a rap battle rematch. The excitement is ramped up as Selever comes prepared with four newly composed songs, thanks to his devoted followers. He’s eager to put these to the test against Boyfriend, paving the way for a showdown that promises to be just as epic as their first encounter.

The opening song, Demonila, serves as a subtle warm-up, allowing players to ease into the rhythm before the pace picks up with the second song, Casanova. Amidst the melodious warfare, Selever unveils pieces of his intriguing life story, providing players a deeper insight into his unique character. Following the intriguing narratives, the song “Attack” demands the player’s undivided attention and precise rhythmic skills.

Surviving the onslaught of “Attack” paves the way to the bonus round set to the beats of “Attacklovania”. This final song serves as the perfect denouement to an epic battle, pushing players’ abilities to the limit and providing a thrilling climax to the rap battle showdown.

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