Friday Night Funkin’ vs Baldies Basics

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About the FNF vs Baldies Game

Prepare yourself for an unconventional vocal session in FNF Vs. Baldi’s Fundamentals, a modification for Friday Night Funkin’ showcasing the eccentric Professor Baldi, the protagonist of the game Baldi’s Fundamentals, and his unconventional teaching techniques. Boyfriend will face a musical duel against the professor, who will be relentless if even a single note is missed. The initial track, Foundations Melody, offers a gentle introduction with its moderate tempo. However, the challenge quickly intensifies! The subsequent track, Lecture, demands that you remain an attentive pupil and maintain focus in order to succeed. As you demonstrate your rhythmic prowess, Baldi’s competence as an educator comes under scrutiny, and the third song, Dismissal, reveals his inner turmoil. If you manage to defeat him, you will surpass the mentor, potentially unlocking a hidden track in which Baldi presents himself in an unexpected manner.

The song lineup includes Foundations – Lecture – Expulsion – Piracy. The original Dismissal song has been replaced by the updated Expulsion track, and numerous sprites have undergone changes or enhancements.

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