Friday Night Funkin’ vs Void

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About this Void version of FNF Game

Embark on a remarkable musical journey in FNF Vs. Void, a electro/disco/electric mod for Friday Night Funkin’. Boyfriend confronts the intergalactic popstar A.C. Void, a singer renowned for his massive ego. After hearing about Boyfriend’s recent victories, including defeating Daddy Dearest, Void challenges you during his own concert. Prepare for three thrilling battles with tracks like “Asteroids,” “Weightless,” and “Event Horizon,” as Void delivers relentless rhythms and notes.

A.C. Void’s pride refuses to waver, and he continues to challenge you with three more original compositions. The intensity of the rap battles rises with “Ultraviolet” and “Gravity,” captivating the audience under shimmering lights and pulsating bass. The show’s climax is the song “Singularity,” where Void and Boyfriend engage in a spectacular and fierce duel to determine the ultimate singer.

In the Freeplay menu, discover the bonus track “Security” and uncover another hidden music star. Find out who they are and extend the show with the bonus song “Stardust.” The complete song list includes Stardust, Asteroids, Weightless, Event Horizon, Singularity, Ultraviolet, Gravity, and Security.

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