Friday Night Funkin’ vs XE Mod

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About the FNF’ vs XE Mod with Custom Weeks

Fans of online FNF Games will surely be thrilled to discover and play the remarkable new game, Friday Night Funkin Custom Week XE. This version brings fresh excitement with new characters, custom songs, and the signature fun that’s always present in the series.

XE, the new character, is an elegant hybrid between humans and dogs. Despite her tail, ears, and fur, she carries herself with grace, always dressed in a high-quality red dress. Interestingly, she possesses the power to generate electricity. Upon encountering Boyfriend, a musical showdown ensues between the two. You’re tasked with guiding our protagonist to win this battle, which will take place over two custom songs, namely “Shockwave” and “Clash”.

For those new to the game, it’s essential to grasp the goal of this FNF XE mod: to reach the end of the songs and turn the progress bar green. This is achieved by avoiding too many mistakes throughout the performance. As for mastering the timing of the musical notes, players need to wait until the floating arrows align with those above Boyfriend’s head. At that precise moment, the corresponding arrow key on the keyboard should be pressed. Any deviation from this timing results in a miss. So, gear up, defeat XE, and look forward to challenging other formidable opponents in this gaming category!

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