2nd Version of FNF Physics vs Trollge/Trollface V2

Note: If you are first-time player, it will start with a 2 mins song/game, you will get to the menu only after that song ends. You can just press Enter key and enable Bot mode if you want.

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About this FNF vs Trollface/Trollge V2 Game

Hidden Tracks and how to play them:

  • First, select Extra in Menu (Menu only appears after the initial track is played – this applies first time only)
  • Select Story.
  • Go to the Foretoken song and use Right Arrow to switch to the Mistaken song.
  • You can also type Skibidi to play Skibidi track or Baldi to play Baldstruck tack. Note that your typed letter will not show, but the song will start itself after that word is complete.
  • Play the Spooky Scary song by clicking on the bottom right corner Spooky icon when you are under the Extra menu.

In “FNF Vs. Trollface/Trollge V2,” along with the monumental “THE RAGE” update, players embark on a musical journey through a meticulously crafted soundscape, spanning 29 battles against a diverse array of opponents. The adventure begins with “Introllduction,” setting the stage for the ensuing chaos and hilarity. As players navigate through the storyline, they encounter “Trolling,” a track that encapsulates the mod’s essence of mischief and mayhem. The narrative deepens with “Foretoken,” hinting at the impending challenges and “Impending Doom” that await. “Tomfollery” adds a light-hearted break amidst the tension, preparing players for the intense encounters ahead.

In the “Incidents” section, songs like “Imposter” and “Smile” delve into darker themes, contrasting with “Ultimate Trolldown” and “Trollistic,” which bring back the mod’s signature troll humor. “Alone Forever” and “Happiness” offer a reflective pause, while “Youtooz,” “Controlling Yourself,” “Troll Lore,” “Absurde,” and “Trodding” further enrich the story with their unique melodies and rhythms.

The “Internet” section captures the digital zeitgeist with tracks such as “Ragdoll,” “Griefed,” “Never Be Funkin’,” “Silly,” “Idiot,” “Speed,” “Crybaby,” “Awestruck,” and “Obey,” each contributing to the overarching narrative with their thematic undertones and musical styles. This comprehensive musical anthology, crafted by a dedicated team of creators, offers players an immersive experience into the troll-infused universe of FNF.

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