Friday Night Funkin’ vs Zardy

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About Zardy Version of the FNF Game

Engaging in a battle with Zardy during a late-night encounter in a secluded area might not be the wisest decision! In this Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves inadvertently wandering into a mysterious location where they come face to face with Zardy, a living scarecrow who diligently guards his maze.

Zardy, a terrifying and enigmatic character, challenges the duo to a musical showdown in an initial test called “Foolhardy.” This trial will demand unwavering concentration if you wish to keep up with the scarecrow’s rhythm. Should you emerge victorious in the rap battle, Zardy will demonstrate his true abilities in Week 2, titled “Bushwhack.” Upon transforming, his rhythms become increasingly challenging to follow without missing a beat.

The main character of this mod, Zardy, originates from the game “Zardy’s Maze,” developed by SwankyBox. The mod incorporates his unique background and adds an eerie atmosphere to the well-known rhythm game.

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