FNF vs Oshi No Ko

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Playing this Friday Night Funkin’ vs Oshi No Ko game Game Online

Step into the captivating realm of FNF Vs. Oshi no Ko, where the vibrant beats of manga Oshi no Ko come alive through Ai Hoshino, one of its main heroines. As the leading star of the renowned musical ensemble, B-Komachi, Ai Hoshino’s singing prowess is undeniable. Join Ai Hoshino as she commands the stage, delivering four unforgettable songs that promise to resonate with fans. Among these, the standout hit “Idol” guarantees an experience like no other. FNF: In your Hearts Forever serves as an avant-garde mod, crafting a unique ambiance that seamlessly fuses the essence of K-pop with the fervor of rap battles.

For those eager for a quick recap, here’s the Songs List: Star T Funky – In Your Hearts Forever – Sing Wa Funk – Idol. With this mod, players are offered a delightful blend of rhythm and narrative, ensuring a captivating musical journey for every enthusiast.

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