Friday Night Funkin’ vs Camellia

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Playaing Camellia version of the FNF Game

In the mod FNF Vs. Camellia for Friday Night Funkin’, your reputation in the world of musical battles reaches new heights as you face off against an acclaimed adversary. The mod introduces you to the renowned DJ, famous for remixing Undertale’s iconic song, MEGALOVANIA. Engage in an electrifying duel set to the beat of three electro/dubstep tracks: First Town, Liquated, and Why Do You Hate Me.

Staying in sync with Camellia’s ultra-fast turntable and the flood of notes on screen poses a significant challenge. Players must invest considerable time in practice and refine their reflexes and coordination to ace the hard difficulty level. Owing to its intricacies, FNF Vs. Camellia stands as one of the most challenging mods created for Friday Night Funkin’.

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