FNF’ vs Teen Titans Go

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About Funkin’ Titan Go Game

The mod Funkin Titans Go! catapults BF and GF into the whimsical universe of Teen Titans Go!, setting the stage for an electrifying musical odyssey. The narrative unfolds with the first rap battle, titled “Sidekick”, where Boyfriend is pitted against Robin. This face-off transpires in the presence of a sizable assembly from the Teen Titans Go! troupe, with Girlfriend by Boyfriend’s side. The atmosphere brims with excitement, the notes encapsulating the tension and camaraderie amid the vibrant world of Teen Titans Go!

The musical saga advances to its second duel with a fun twist. In this round, Beast Boy steps into the spotlight, challenging Robin in a rhythmic duel set to the tune of “Slacking Off”. The rhythm of the battle encapsulates the playful rivalry, echoing the light-hearted spirit of the Teen Titans Go! universe. As the beats roll on, the storyline veers towards a more ominous theme in the third test. Here, the song “Bossed” sets the ambiance for a daunting encounter between Boyfriend and a corrupted version of Robin. This particular remix transports players into a visual spectacle akin to watching the video FNF Vs. Corrupted Robin on the CommunityGame YouTube channel, blending the beats of “Bossy” with a grim narrative turn.

The grand finale of this mod brings the rhythmic rivalry full circle as Boyfriend and Robin spar once again in a rap battle to the tune of “TitanBlitz”. This track, a riveting remix of “Bomblitz” from the mod FNF Vs. Whitty Returns, captures the essence of the enduring clash between Boyfriend and Robin. The beat emphasizes the culmination of their rhythmic journey through the Teen Titans Go! universe. Additionally, as a special bonus, players can also indulge in the original track “Bossy” from the mod Come Learn With Pibby x FNF Vs. Corrupted Robin, adding a nostalgic yet refreshing beat to the musical adventure. This curated list of songs, including “Sidekick”, “Slacking-Off”, “Bossed”, “TitanBlitz”, and “Bossy” (bonus), forms the rhythmic backbone of Funkin Titans Go!, each track contributing to the unfolding narrative of this thrilling crossover mod.

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