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The mod, FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX), whisks players away to the universe of the iconic platform game, Super Mario Bros, intertwining its narrative with rhythmic rap battles. In this imaginative scenario, “Princess Girlfriend Peach” finds herself captured by the nefarious King Koopa. To rescue her, Boyfriend must step up and engage in a series of rap battles. A remarkable feature of this mod is its retro aesthetic, employing pixel art graphics to mimic the vintage charm of classic Mario games meticulously. This nostalgic aura is further intensified through the reincarnation of emblematic characters and musical levels, reminiscent of the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe released in 1999.

Within a span of two weeks, players are treated to animated mini-scenes before each musical level, introducing the adversaries Boyfriend is about to face. This rhythmic venture pits Boyfriend against a roster of well-known game characters like Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Bullet Bill, Waluigi, Wrecking Crew Mario, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, and even the formidable Bowser! The mod is structured over two full weeks, encompassing three songs each. Additionally, it unfolds six bonus rap battles in the freeplay menu, along with three hidden songs awaiting discovery by the players.

As for the song list in FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX), it comprises an exciting lineup featuring titles such as “Mushroom Plains,” “Bricks and Lifts,” and “Lethal Lava Lair.” The musical journey continues with “Deep Deep Voyage,” “Hop Hop Heights,” and “Koopa Armada,” each adding a distinctive flavor to the gameplay. Additionally, “2 Player Game,” “Destruction Dance,” and “Portal Power” add to the game’s rhythmic allure. The tempo surges with “Bullet Time,” “Boo Blitz,” and “Cross Console Clash,” ensuring an engaging musical experience. Lastly, “First Level,” “Wrong Warp,” and “Green Screen” encapsulate the thematic essence of this mod, enhancing the rhythmic adventure as players delve deeper into the Super Mario Bros universe through FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX).

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