Friday Night Funkin’: In the Galaxy Mod

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About the game FNF vs In the Galaxy Mode

After an eager wait of 700 days, the In The Galaxy Mod for Friday Night Funkin’ has finally made its debut. Set aboard a spaceship, players will find themselves toe-to-toe with Kastimagina, an incredibly talented singer boasting unparalleled powers. The musical showdown commences with the song “Galaxy”, a fitting warm-up that sets the tone for the two singers.

As players progress, they are introduced to the second song titled “Game”. This level presents a unique challenge as Kastimagina unveils his extraordinary ability to manipulate notes and the very fabric of time and space. Adapting to these twists will be crucial for players, as Kastimagina’s actions will redefine their gameplay experience.

To cap off the mod, the third song emerges, taking its name from its creator. This climactic finale promises to be a test of skill and rhythm, positioning itself as one of the most challenging experiences in the entire Friday Night Funkin’ mod series.

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