Friday Night Funkin’ vs Cassandra

Note: The game is bugged. You need to refresh the page after every track/mode you play. The second track will not play without reloading.

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About this cool game

In the FNF Vs. Cassandra mod for Friday Night Funkin’, players are thrust into a rap battle that unveils deep-seated family animosities. While on a town stroll, Boyfriend and Girlfriend unexpectedly cross paths with Cassandra, a fervent goth music enthusiast and a member of the Goth Punks band. But her ties run deeper, being Girlfriend’s estranged sister from this mod’s universe. Further complicating matters, she is under the influence of a Penilian, a malicious shapeshifting alien warping her mind. Despite her antagonistic relationship with Pico from Pico’s School, Boyfriend challenges her to a musical showdown across three tracks.

The first two songs, Berzerker and Possession, offer a glimpse into Cassandra’s internal struggles, with players having to maintain their rhythm amidst her constant taunts. These tracks not only set the tone but also delve deeper into the character dynamics, revealing more about the old family grudges and the reasons behind them.

The climactic third song, Takeover, presents Cassandra in a fearsome avatar, pushing the stakes higher than ever. To rescue Girlfriend and uncover the story’s conclusion, Boyfriend must deliver a flawless performance, blending melody and precision against the backdrop of rising tensions.

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