Friday Night Funkin’ vs Isaac

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About the FNF’ vs Isaac Game

Dive into a new chapter of Isaac’s destiny with FNF Vs. Isaac 2.0, a captivating mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’. In this intriguing crossover, Isaac, the troubled protagonist from the cult classic game “The Binding of Isaac,” encounters Boyfriend and Girlfriend, unsure of how to react. Haunted by his past, Isaac faces a critical decision, torn between two paths as he determines if Boyfriend and Girlfriend are friends or dangerous adversaries. This mod introduces two distinct weeks, titled Good Path and Evil Path, providing players with an immersive experience complemented by a captivating storyline and engaging cutscenes.

During the Good Path week, players must engage in a rhythmic showdown with Isaac on two songs: “Sacrificial” and “My Innermost.” Successfully keeping the beat will reveal the unfolding story. In contrast, the Evil Path week showcases Isaac’s inner turmoil taking control, as Boyfriend continues the rap battle through two additional songs: “Misperception” and “Decide.” The musical adventure doesn’t end there, however, as the Freeplay menu offers three bonus songs added in version 2.0: “Acceptance,” “Avarice,” and “Delirious.”

The complete song list for FNF Vs. Isaac 2.0 includes “Sacrificial,” “My Innermost,” “Misperception,” “Decide,” “Acceptance,” “Avarice,” and “Delirious.” Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Isaac’s destiny and immerse yourself in a rhythm-fueled adventure with this enthralling mod for Friday Night Funkin’.

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