Friday Night Funkin’ vs Baddies

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Information about FNF’ vs Baddies Game

Please note that FNF Baddies contains story elements and cutscenes that may not be suitable for younger players. This mod is designed for a mature and informed audience who can appreciate its intricate narrative and engaging gameplay.

FNF Baddies, a mod for Friday Night Funkin’, takes players back to the game’s essence while introducing a multifaceted story and a host of unique characters. Join Boyfriend on an incredible three-week journey filled with high-stakes rap battles against diverse and intriguing opponents.

In Week 1, titled Stalker, Boyfriend faces off against Stephanie, an obsessive fan struggling to contain her adoration. Can you help her regain her composure while performing songs like “Encounter,” “Insane,” “Uhoh,” and “Drift”?

During Week 2, experience rhythmic and groovy encounters with Cassette Girl, who aims to have fun and sing along to “Kagayaku Kassetto” and “Donnie Soft.” However, things take an unexpected turn during the epic final battle in “Malfunction.”

Lastly, in Week 3, a new admirer named Jasmine challenges you to a showdown in songs like “Foreplay,” “Aye Papi,” and “Xes.” Stay focused as Jasmine attempts to manipulate the note speed and maintain your rhythm to emerge victorious.

And you can finally week Unnamed week that has a Collapse track.

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