FNF’: Plants vs Rappers Zombies

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About Friday Night Funkin’ Plants vs Rappers

This version of the game features a playlist mode along with Story mode that is initially blocked until players explore the story modes. The playlist mode includes tracks such as “Bloom n Brainz,” “Halloween Bites,” and “Bad Bash.”

However, the game cannot be fully controlled with the keyboard, and sometimes players need to click on the screen to interact with the game. This is likely because the game was designed for touchscreens, although it can still be played on a desktop or laptop computer using a mouse.

Overall, Friday Night Funkin’ Plants vs Rappers is a fun and engaging game that combines elements of music and rhythm games with a unique art style and quirky characters. The game has become popular among fans of indie games and has spawned several fan-made mods and spin-offs.

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