FNF’ vs Freddy (Beatbox)

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About this Beatbox version of the FNF Game

Ever fancied yourself in a rap battle against the infamous Freddy? Well, your dream can now come true with the mod FNF Vs. Freddy Beatbox for Friday Night Funkin’. This mod features three uniquely performed songs by none other than Freddy himself. Indeed, Boyfriend will engage in a rhythmic face-off with the daunting character who has sent shivers down spines in the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. However, this time around, expect the rap battles to take on a more upbeat tone, set to lively rhythms and captivating beatboxing music.

The song list for this mod is as follows:

  • FNAF
  • FNAF 2
  • And No Copyright version of the all 3 songs

Prepare to be entertained by this unexpected twist to the terrifying world of Freddy. Get ready for an invigorating musical journey filled with surprising beats and rhythms in the FNF Vs. Freddy Beatbox mod.

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