FNF’ vs Imposter V2 (Sussy)

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About this Imposter V2 version of the Friday Night Funkin Game

Following the resounding success of the first FNF Games featuring Among Us, it was inevitable that more of these crossover delights would make their way to our platform. And now, the moment has arrived. We’re thrilled to introduce the newest mod, FNF vs Impostor Among Us v2, a game that promises an exciting and fun-filled experience.

So, what’s new in FNF Among Us V2? Well, it’s not just a simple reiteration of the original. The songs from the previous version have undergone a transformation, appearing even funkier and more captivating than before. Additionally, players can look forward to new animations, engaging cutscenes, and fresh dialogues, all intended to enhance the overall gaming experience. To top it all, there are brand new songs and sprites, adding more layers of fun to the rhythm battles.

This version features custom songs such as:

  • Sussus-Moogus
  • Sabotage
  • Meltdown

The gameplay remains as straightforward as ever. As arrows float around your character, your task is to match them with the arrows above your character’s head. This is achieved by tapping the corresponding arrow on your keyboard at the right moment. Managing this successfully till the end of the song guarantees your victory. However, beware of missing too many notes in a row or messing up your timing. If that happens, you’ll have to start over from the beginning of the song. Best of luck!

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