Friday Night Funkin vs Goku

Note: After you exit the gameplay, you are taken to a screen with many track that will look like a Freeplay mode. It doesn’t exit, but just a bug. You can reload the page to play again. If you want to Play those tracks. You can play FNF Full Week Mod

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About this Goku Version of FNF Game

Friday Night Funkin’ Funkin Ball Z vs Goku, or FNF Funkin Ball Z vs Goku, stands out as a highly popular mod in the FNF gaming universe. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Dragon Ball Z series, this mod introduces a thrilling crossover between two iconic franchises. Due to its challenging gameplay, it is recommended to beginners that they play on the Easy mode. In this unique adaptation, Boyfriend steps into the Z tournament, facing off against the legendary warrior, Goku. The usual explosive confrontations of the Dragon Ball series are set aside as Goku agrees to a rhythm-fueled rap battle instead of a physical duel. Fans of this mod might also enjoy FNF vs Jinx the Cat and FNF X Pibby vs Corrupted Garcello & Annie.

Playing FNF Funkin Ball Z vs Goku is straightforward and enjoyable. Whether you prefer WASD or Arrow Keys, the game accommodates both control schemes, providing an accessible experience for all players. As notes approach the judgment line, players need to press the corresponding keys in time with the rhythm. The Enter key serves a dual purpose, allowing you to start or pause the Funkin Ball Z vs Goku Mod at any point in the game.

For a quick rundown of the controls:

  • Gameplay: Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Start/Pause: Enter

By mastering these controls, you’ll be well-equipped to take on Goku in the rhythm battleground of FNF Funkin Ball Z vs Goku.

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