Friday Night Funkin’ Blue (Rainbow Friends)

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About the FNF Blue Rainbow Friends Version

Hey guys, I would recommend playing this FNF Rainbow Friends Version. This one is not that good and is kind of a Ripped version.

The week kicks off with Boyfriend questioning Girlfriend’s whereabouts, and the scene transitions to Boyfriend feeling distressed inside Oddworld’s theater. As the music begins, a loud noise captures Boyfriend’s attention, prompting him to hide under a cardboard box. Blue, one of Oddworld’s iconic mascots, appears in an altered state, and the song resumes. Gradually, more characters from Oddworld join the scene, culminating in the song’s conclusion and the story’s end.

Blue, the first adversary from the Roblox Rainbow Friends Game, resembles a tall humanoid sporting a crown, a button eye, and drool. He roams the amusement park, Odd Worlds, seeking out players. Blue pursues those not concealed in lockers or boxes, but occasionally, players can hide in plain sight without being caught.

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