Friday Night Funkin’ vs FNAF 2

Note: The game weighs over 700MB, so make sure you are using a reliable internet connection and give it enough time to load.

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About the FNF vs FNAF 2 game

This game uses the FNAF characters that look quite great holding the mic and participating in the music competition with the FNF guy.

The New Game mode has Week T (Something New Track), Week W (Something Borrowed Track), and Finale (The Finale Track).

Continue Mode has Join the Band, Hop to it, Pecking Order, Cerberus, Fallen Star, Faceless, Broken Jaws, Pirate’s Curse, Eternal Playdate, Your Old Friends, Golden Vengeance, Helium, Gamer Fazbear, Freddy Fartbear, Welcome, Nightshift, Flashing Lights, Shadows, and Enigma.

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