Friday Night Funkin vs Mystic Myra

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Playing Mystic Myra Version of the FNF Game

Myra, the witch character crafted by Summus, introduces a unique storyline to the game. She is depicted as a sorrowful witch in need of help with her spells for her witch finals. This is where the Boyfriend comes into play, offering assistance through a shared experience of Funkin’. Girlfriend also joins in on the fun, immersing themselves in the graveyard setting!

The narrative unfolds as you and your girlfriend decide to take a late-night stroll around town. You happen upon a disheartened witch, Myra, in a cemetery. She is visibly struggling to perfect her spells for her impending witch finals. Do you believe you have the capacity to lend her a hand and boost her morale?

The mod introduces a unique musical ensemble to accompany the storyline. The songs include “Cackle”, “Bones”, “Mystic”, and “Hocus Pocus”. With Myra’s opening statement – “You may have been wondering why we’ve been singing in a graveyard of all places, yes? Tell me darling, have you ever raised the dead before?” – a thrilling adventure awaits in the graveyard!

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