Friday Night Funkin’: Neo Version

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About this Neo Version of the FNF’ Game

Friday Night Funkin’: Neo, a mod meticulously crafted by JellyFishedm, revamps the entirety of the original game – from logos and songs to charts and stages. The mod provides a futuristic neon overhaul, with the characters reflecting this radical transformation. Welcome to the world of Friday Night Funkin Neo, where a complete reinvention of characters, icons, backgrounds, and songs awaits you!

The mod introduces a plethora of fresh elements, including custom-composed songs, brand new sound effects, and themed visuals, to offer a vibrant, futuristic neon appearance to the game. It has recently been updated to Version 3.0, bringing numerous changes and new songs. The overhaul includes completely new backgrounds with redone effects, fresh character designs, and remade songs with a whole new vibe. There’s more to this mod than just the aesthetics, as it introduces a novel dialogue complete with hidden lore and an entirely new storyline. In addition, get ready to face a daunting lemon and his crew who are now on your trail.

The all-new Week 5 is a standout addition to the mod, featuring five new songs: Tutorial, Illusion, Cocoa, Eggnog, and Hallucination. Additional enhancements include an entirely reimagined UI, as well as custom-made menus. The mod also brings several optimization fixes and has been developed using the Kade Engine for performance improvements, ensuring a seamless and captivating gaming experience.

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