Friday Night Funkin’: B3 Remixed

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About this FNF Mod

Friday Night Funkin’ B3 Remixed, alternatively known as B3 Screamixed or EXE/3X3 Remixed, is an all-encompassing remix and overhaul mod co-directed by Degen Dan and its creator, Biddle3. The mod incorporates re-charts, redesigns, and modcharts with unique effects such as spinning and disorientation. A fresh Week is added to the game featuring a new character, Mia Osuna, complete with dialogues, thereby enhancing the storyline and gaming experience. Furthermore, this mod underscores inclusivity by featuring a diverse cast that includes people of color and LGBTQ+ characters, lending depth and richness to the character tapestry.

This rendition of the Friday Night Funkin’ mod transforms all the original songs to infuse a refreshing new aura into the game, thereby elevating the overall gaming experience. The mod seeks to provide a novel twist to the game, offering an innovative perspective that retains the original charm while introducing fresh elements.

Biddle3, the Charter and Producer, is the driving force behind the mod, with BlazeTheWolf55 contributing by creating the recolors. Their combined efforts have resulted in a mod that extends the boundaries of the original game while celebrating diversity and inclusion within its narrative.

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