Friday Night Funkin’ vs Fever Town

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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Fever Town

This Fever Town Version of the FNF game has some cool songs and animations to keep you busy. This includes cool characters as well as nuns.

Freeplay mode has been divided into 2 categories. One of the categories has Normal Songs and Another one has Halloween Songs.

There are 20 songs within Normal Song Mode: Tutorial, Metamorphosis, Void, Down Bad, Star Baby, Last Meaw, Farmed, Bazinga, Vim, Farmed, Crucify, Mako, Honey, Bunnii, Throw It Back, Mild, Spice, Party Crasher, Ur Girl, Chicken Sandwich, Funkin’ God.

Halloween Mode has 7 songs: Hallow, Portrait, Sould, Hardship, Prayer, Bad Nun, and Space Demons.

Story mode has a whooping 8 modes including tutorial play.

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