Friday Night Funkin’ vs Dave & Bambi

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About FNF’ vs Dave and Bambi Game

Boyfriend encounters Dave, the main character of the mod Dave’s Fun Algebra Class! for Baldi’s Basics, in his garden, and Dave challenges him to a rap battle duel. The first week features three songs: House, Insanity, and Polygonized, with an unexpected twist occurring during the performances. In the second week, Boyfriend accepts Mr. Bambi’s invitation to a party in his cornfield, where they engage in a musical face-off on three tracks: Blocked, Corn-Theft, and Maze. The story culminates in the final scene with Splitathon, the longest song in any Friday Night Funkin’ mod to date, requiring nearly 10 minutes of unwavering focus.

The mod’s Freeplay section offers a variety of bonus songs, some of which need to be discovered, and allows players to choose from four characters with different skins: Boyfriend, Tristan, Dave, and Mr. Bambi. This section is divided into three modes: Story, Joke, and Extra, each containing numerous tracks. The Story mode includes Warmup, Shredder, Interdimensional, Greetings, Rano, Bot Trot, Blocked, Insanity, Splitathon, Polygonized, Maze, Corn-Theft, and House, while the Extra mode features Bot Trot, Glitch, Bonus Song, Adventure, Escape from California, Overdrive, Memory, Indignancy, and Mealie. The Joke mode presents a single track, Vs Dave Rap.

As for the game’s Story Mode, it is comprised of Tutorial, Dave Week, Festival Week, Bambi Week, and Finale Week, offering an engaging and challenging experience for players throughout the mod.

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