FNF’ Imposter (Triple Kill Version)

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About this Friday Night Funkin’ Triple Kill Game

Prepare yourself for FNF Triple Kill Restored (Vs Impostor v4), a fan-made remastered version of the song Triple Trouble, drawing inspiration from a teaser created by the Impostor V4 development team. In this thrilling mod, Boyfriend faces off against Pink Imposter, Black Imposter, Gray Imposter, and Maroon Imposter in an epic rap battle lasting over 8 minutes. The mod features rhythmic music, numerous scene changes, and jump scares (consider yourself warned), offering a rollercoaster of excitement in a single song.

As you progress through the mod, you’ll alternate between adversaries and different scenes, with Boyfriend sometimes switching sides. Stay focused and don’t be intimidated or scared by unexpected events! Will you be able to conquer the intense and one-of-a-kind challenge presented by FNF Triple Kill? The choice is yours!

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