Friday Night Funkin’ – Dustin’

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FNF Dustin’, Vs. Dusttale Sans & Papyrus, presents a thrilling three-song demo that offers a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated full-featured mod, which has been in development for over a year. Set in the Dusttale timeline, Sans grows weary of witnessing humans slaughter everyone and chooses to embark on his own journey to gain experience and ultimately defeat the humans. Boyfriend, the human character, has been possessed and cursed by Chara and ends up in the “underground” while attempting to escape Girlfriend’s murderer.

In this mysterious world, Boyfriend encounters Sans and engages in a rap battle with him to the tune of “Perseverance.” Soon after, Papyrus, thrilled to meet a human for the first time, challenges Boyfriend to a musical duel with the song “Kinemorto.” The demo culminates with Sans and Papyrus facing off against each other. Something has changed in Papyrus, and Sans no longer recognizes his brother, leading him to try to reason with Papyrus through music.

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