Friday Night Funkin’ Lofi

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About the Lofi Version of the FNF Game

Lofi Funkin is a Friday Night Funkin mod inspired by the popular Lofi Girl on YouTube, which embodies the principles of studying, chilling, sleeping, enjoying, singing, and repeating. This mod incorporates the relaxing and soothing essence of lo-fi music, providing a refreshing contrast to the usual fast-paced tunes in the game.

The mod features an extensive song list, including “Sunset,” “Purity,” “Heartbroken,” “Serenity,” “Better Times,” “Lofi-Funkin,” “Forever-Changing,” “Slow Jam,” “Reflections,” “Stargazing,” and “Dial-It-Back,” “Twilight-Serenade,” “Imaginations,” “Sober,” “Dial-It-Back-Remix,” “Reflections-Two,” “Twilight-Serenade-Remix,” and “Stargazing.” These tracks capture the essence of lo-fi music, offering players a calming and immersive experience as they navigate through the rhythm-based challenges.

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