Friday Night Funkin’ vs Callie (Splatoon)

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FNF Splatoon vs Callie

A stroke of luck lands Boyfriend on stage with Callie, a vibrant character from the Splatoon universe. Decked in pink, this jovial girl is a skilled singer, and her cousin Marie, a music enthusiast, will be closely observing the musical face-off. It’s time to ignite the spirit of friendly competition and find out who the better vocalist is.

Your mission is to guide Boyfriend to outperform Callie in the musical showdown, possible only if you sing the song until the end. In either game mode, free or story, you’ll encounter three tunes: “City of Color”, “Ink Me Up”, “Bomb Rush Blush”. Launch the battle by hitting the arrows on your keyboard as soon as the moving arrows on screen align with their stationary counterparts at the top. Stay focused, minimize mistakes, and clinch the victory.

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