FNF vs Sectonia Queen Bee

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About Friday Night Funkin vs Queen Bee Sectonia

Imminent danger threatens the world as Sectonia, the queen bee, leaves her hive to invade the FNF realm. Determined to assert her dominance through a musical battle with Boyfriend, she plans to conquer humanity and establish herself as the ruling queen. The weight of human existence now hangs on Boyfriend’s shoulders, and he must ensure victory over the queen bee.

No matter if you select story mode or free play, you’ll have three musical numbers to tackle: “Stained Grace”, “Moonflower”, and “Soul of Sectonia”. Your objective is to assist Boyfriend in completing each song. To achieve this, press the arrows as they align with their static counterparts at the screen’s top. Avoid errors, or Sectonia will triumph, leading the world into a bee’s rule.

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