FNF Funkin’ Mix

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About the Friday Night Funkin Mix Game

FNF Funkin’ Mix is a creative mod that reimagines the original Friday Night Funkin’ narrative by merging different characters together. Following an assault by Pico and Otis, several students, including Boyfriend, are injured, leading to a drastic change in Boyfriend’s future and character. Now a gangster working for Daddy Dearest, Boyfriend’s life takes an unexpected turn when he overhears a conversation between his boss and his daughter, Girlfriend. Embark on this musical adventure as you face a variety of adversaries over two full weeks, with bonus songs to keep you entertained. Each protagonist in this mod is a fusion of two characters from the Friday Night Funkin’ universe, such as Boyfriend blending with Pico and Girlfriend with Daddy Dearest. Are you ready to identify each unique character combination?

FNF Funkin’ Mix brings fans back to the original Friday Night Funkin’ world with high-quality remixes, charismatic characters, engaging dialogues, and brand new songs like Sickly Sour (against Lila) to enjoy. The mod’s song list includes Bopeebo Remix, Fresh Remix, Dad Battle Remix, Spookeez Remix, S.O.S, Sickly Sour, Dad Battle AP, Warmth, West, and Object Error. With its captivating twists and innovative character fusions, FNF Funkin’ Mix is sure to delight Friday Night Funkin’ enthusiasts.

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