Friday Night Funkin’ vs Carol

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About this Version of FNF Game

In the FNF Vs. Carol V2 Remastered mod for Friday Night Funkin’, players are challenged by a gifted singer named Carol, who happens to be Whitty’s girlfriend. As the sun sets and you find yourself on a bridge at the edge of town, Carol approaches you, eager to engage in a musical duel featuring three songs. She’s determined to outperform you and claim victory in this rhythmic battle.

Showcase your musical prowess in the catchy tunes of Carol Roll, Body, and Boogie, and prove to your opponent that you are the true master of these battles, even on the hardest difficulty setting. Sing in harmony and strive to miss as few notes as possible, demonstrating your dominance in this captivating mod. FNF Vs. Carol V2 Remastered offers players an exhilarating and memorable challenge in the world of Friday Night Funkin’.

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