FNF vs Blueballs (Trollge)

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About Trollge version of FNF Game

FNF: The Blueballs Incident (Trollge) is more than just a troll—it’s one of the finest mods for Friday Night Funkin’ and a tough challenge for Boyfriend to overcome. In this mod, Boyfriend (also known as Special Agent BlueBalls) is assigned by Derpina, the President of the Troll Containment Foundation, to halt a looming and dangerous threat: the emergence of a Troll in our world! Armed with a unique microphone, you are sent on a mission to return the Troll to its home realm.

Engage in a musical showdown with the Troll in a bizarre and captivating atmosphere, utilizing your full range of vocal talents to outperform him in four high-quality songs: Sadness, Rage, Incident, and Redemption. Despite his fearsome appearance, Trollge may simply be concealing a deep sadness, which can be assuaged by the power of your music and rhythm. As an added treat, players can enjoy the bonus song “Pteromerhanophobia” from update 1.999 and “Trolling,” a fan-made song from the mod Disorder created by TdudleyYT, SmokeCannon, and KTLLED.

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