Friday Night Funkin’ vs Infinite (Sonic Forces)

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About Infinite Version of the FNF Game

“FNF Vs. Infinite” is a mod for the popular rhythm game “Friday Night Funkin’.” This mod is inspired by “Sonic Forces” and features the main antagonist from that game, Infinite. The mod introduces four original tracks and a completely re-designed user interface, offering a fresh and unique experience within the “Friday Night Funkin'” universe.

In “FNF Vs. Infinite,” players engage in musical battles against Infinite, following the standard gameplay mechanics of “Friday Night Funkin’.” The objective is to hit notes on time with the music, which requires good timing and rhythm skills. The battles are set to the mod’s original tracks, each providing a new challenge and adding to the overall storyline of the mod.

This mod stands out for its high-quality music and creative integration of the “Sonic Forces” character, bringing a new dimension to the “Friday Night Funkin'” gameplay. It’s an excellent addition for fans of the game who are looking for new content and challenges, especially those who enjoy the “Sonic” series and rhythm games in general.

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