FNF vs Amanda the Adventurer

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About the Amanda the Adventurer vs of the Friday Night Funkin’ Game

Engage in a rhythmic conversation with FNF Don’t Listen Amanda The Adventurer, a mod crafted to pay homage to Jakeneutron’s latest hit. It brings to life an engaging story where Amanda, succumbing to boredom, takes on a dark persona and attempts to lure her best friend Wooly into a perilous adventure. With the help of the charts added by the mod’s creator, polliko23yt, players will be able to join Wooly in this musical journey.

The mod is based on the song “Don’t Listen,” and it was brought to life by polliko23yt in a single day. This mod serves as a nod to the original video, allowing players to rhythmically participate in the dramatic discourse between Wooly and Amanda. The objective of this mod is to pay a fitting tribute to the exceptional music and narration of “Don’t Listen” while providing a unique gaming experience.

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